Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vorticist. What?!?

I have been reading The Apes of God, by Percy Wyndham Lewis (November 18, 1882 – March 7, 1957).
When he was alive, he stopped using the name Percy because he hated it. He's dead now, but because he was an unpleasant fellow I shall call him Percy anyway.

The Apes of God is bitchy. Horrid wordportraits at top-speed with a dense vocabulary. Written like he really wanted to chop up puppies with an axe instead of write.

He didn't like gays, other writers, communists, or Jews. But he did write an attack on antisemitism called The Jews, Are They Human?, in which his nasty talent for sarcasm and verbal violence is put to good use. Or so I hear. Like many of his works, it is just not available at the library.
Vorticism is a painting style. Percy was both an author and a painter. I think his paintings are a load of bollocks. He was a better writer.

Next book by Percy I'm looking for is Tarr. It's supposed to be a cracking read.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget - he was sex-obsessed. So in some ways both likeable and worth emulating.

Though, I grant, not if you are a teenager. Innocence then is much prefereable.

---Grant Pensivepervish

The back of the hill said...

Next book by Percy I'm looking for is Tarr.

I've got a copy in Dutch I could lend you. If that helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Panties?

---Grant Pecksnott

The back of the hill said...

Also see if you can borrow 'Fillibusters in Barbary". It's a travel book by 'Percy', which makes for an entirely different read than some of his alledgedly more serious stuff.

Anonymous said...


Grant Prune

Anonymous said...


---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Amphibiously perverse, that.

---Grant Patel

Spiros said...

Nobody reads Wyndham Lewis. Nobody.