Sunday, May 17, 2009

Richard Becker: abnormally petite?

Both Grant Patel and At The Back of the Hill have taken it upon themselves to detail Richard Becker's anti-Semitism and political agitation. With quite some bile. And in some detail.

[Richard Becker is the Jew-hating head honcho of International ANSWER, which is a nasty organization involved in littering, racist rhetoric, and sometimes violent demonstrations. Many of its core members admire(d) the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian massacres, and they've never given up on the idea of mass slaughter in the name of Marx and Mao. They're a horrid nuisance. Especially in Oakland and San Francisco.]


Grant Patel, it seems, is obsessed with Richard Becker's penis. Or what Grant asserts is a remarkable lack, or deficit, in that department.

Grant wrote:
" ... as is well-known, Richard Becker is of insufficient manhood. It is very tiny. Not impressive in any way. Barely manhood at all, in fact. Do you have a loupe? Poor chap cursed with a very tiny lor, the use of which is wellnigh impossible without tweezers and a profound sense of humor, both of which he is lacking. His frustration mounts with each failed mounting. Noodly appendage not even spaghetti strap dimension, and utterly void of horn. Poor basterd. Sod him."

Yes, Grant, that is all VERY eloquent! Very eloquent indeed! But do you have any proof? On what do you base your assertion that Richard Becker is "cursed with a very tiny lor, the use of which is wellnigh impossible without tweezers and a profound sense of humor"?
How do you know that Richard Becker has a tiny penis? Was he a client of yours? Did he wave his tiny penis at you? Was it presented as evidence in court? Was the tiny penis asked to testify?

I mean, it may very well be that Richard Becker has a miniscule manhood.... and what exactly is miniscule in that regard? Six inches? Three? Two? Or even (gasp!!!) less than one???!?!!!
And does that mean when it is fully engorged (hah, biology class was at least useful for something!), or when it is in it's natural flaccid state? Have you, in fact, mister Patel, been in a position to examine Richard Becker's infamously tiny penis?

Or is all of this just hearsay???

Now mister Patel, I am strictly interested in hearing HOW you know that Richard Becker is endowed with such a delicate organ, I am NOT interested in any actual description of the appearance of the teeny little squidgy-bit in question.
I will gladly accept, from your lips and whatever scores of witnesses you can turn up (and surely there must be HUNDREDS who can testify), that Richard Becker is a most unprepossessing man. But a detailing of the coloration, texture, and heft of his wee waggy winky is not in order - I am sure that nobody is really interested in minutiae. Minor details are NOT important!

You, mister Grant, are the subject of this post!
I simply want to know the basis for your assertions, I do NOT have any interest, in the slightest, in mister Becker's deficient weenie itself.

Just tell us how you know. Please be at your lawyerly best. I know you can do it!
[You are a lawyer, and you can say these things. Right?]

Exact dimensions by scientific measurement (microns or other units) is also good. My textbook tells me normal length is between five and seven inches, so logically, for Richard Becker's tiny penis to be so very remarkable as to excite your passion, nay, even your obscene eloquence, Grant, it must be significantly smaller than that. Yes?

I'm just guessing, but the only way it could be noteworthy is, if in soft condition it is no more than two inches maximum. And I have nothing to base that judgement on, other than textbooks and anatomical charts! I've never actually seen a penis, I do not wish to see one, and certainly not Richard Becker's possibly haggard and misshapen old dongus!

I shall not even speculate about what happens when it (Richard Becker's tiny penis) extends - I once heard one of the boys at school assert boastfully that his is "hard as steel, two feet long, and goes all night" (note to self: warn everyone NOT to date Irving, he has "issues") - but very possibly mister Becker has frequent fainting fits, and for his own wellbeing subsumes his sex-drive into trying to start riots instead.

Inquiring minds want to know, but not too much! Oh wait......, that would probably be impossible anyhow.
Oh, and one other thing, Grant, do you in fact know if Richard Becker actually has a sex life, or has had one, or will ever have one? Or is that, too, mere speculation on your part?
Links and names of victims, please. NO photos!!!!!!!


The back of the hill said...

My my, an obsession with little things.

The back of the hill said...

Very amusing to read your ripping of Grant's assertions about Richard Becker's tiny penis. I would offer to pants mister Becker just to prove a point, next time I see him. But that might be hard to do - he seems to keep a cadre of strapping Levantines around him at all times.

The back of the hill said...

And they always have that mean frustrated look. May have something to do with him.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Why yyou evil child, how dare you doubt the veracities of my priceless words?!?
I am speaking of truth as best I only knowing how it is, and you are NOT to be casting your doubt in my general and exact direction! It is unseemly.

---Grant Offpissededed

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I shall be telling you what it is that you can cast, indeed! Panties!

---Grant Knickers!

GRANT!PATEL! said...

In my directions only lace. Make with the frilly!

---Grant Perverseveering

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And a faugh to you!

---Grant Isaygoodday


In my directions only lace. Make with the frilly!
From which I deduce that you require a more feminine straight jacket.

Is your padded cell pink and fluffy?

Anonymous said...


The furor stems from the link between International Answer and the extreme left-wing Workers World Party.

The Workers World Party and Richard Becker, a party leader and leader of International Answer, have defended Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, Milosevic -- who is on trial at the Hague for war crimes -- and Chinese leaders who put down the 1989 "counter-revolution" in Tiananmen Square.

The tiny party also espouses anti-Israeli and anti-capitalist views.

The Workers World Party was founded in the early 1960s around an obscure communist theoretician named Sam Marcy. It supported Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, and in the 1980s it backed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

"Nobody took them seriously until the collapse of Communism, when the Soviet Union stopped paying for many communist groups in the West," said Stephen Schwartz, a former Chronicle reporter and conservative author. "They're all that's left."