Monday, February 9, 2009

Leonidas milk-chocolates filled with hazelnut paste

Creamy hazelnut and almond paste, or the purest hazelnut puree, enrobed in smoooooth milk chocolate..... mmmm, divine!


Far better than Steel Spring Surpise™, though you might not think so. Also better than Ramsbladder Cup™, but perhaps not as good as Crunchy Frog™.
The jury is still out, though no longer hospitalized.

Really. This is seriously good stuff. Leonidas rocks. That stuff from Godiva is just muck. Can't compare.
What did you expect from a dowdy naked bint on a horse anyway?


Anonymous said...

I will not buy this parrot, it is scratched.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Leonidas is in the Crocker Galleria. I did not know that. Would you care to meet me there sometime for ... snacks?

---Grant Ramsbladdercup

Anonymous said...

An extended jaunt into cacao nirvana?

---Grant Krantzeefrags


Thank you , but I'll buy my own damned chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Buy some for me to, please. I do not often get an oppurtoonty to go down there.

Better yet, make me some with your own sweet hands.

---Grew P. Tattelly