Monday, February 2, 2009

Raisin you!

Warren is doing it again!!!!!!!!!!!!
He no longer calls me zesty crumpett, he now calls me raisin bun. If that's a crack about my squinty eyes, I am SO GOING TO CLOBBER HIM!!!!!
But it probably reflects a thing for baked goods. No wonder he's pasty faced. All that dough.

Cakeface will find out soon enough not to mess with a hot cross bun if he goes on like this!

Oh, and happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...... Yay!!!!


Anonymous said...

There there, my little ghee-drenched laddoo. No one really says you have squinty little eyes. Sleepy and alluring, no doubt. But that is by no means squinty.

----Grabbangha Bunsprod

Anonymous said...

Grabbangha Bunsprod is clearly a pervert. As are all Gujus. Stay away from that type.

They are almost amphibious in their depravity.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Unless you like cheese.

---Grant Patel




Have you any Ilchester, I ask expecting the answer "no"?

Anonymous said...

Cheese!!! Grommit, there is cheese!

---Grant Trousers

Spiros said...

If Warren persists, I would recommend samcking him on the snout with a rolled up section of newspaper, whilst firmly telling him "Bad Monkey! No banana!"

Spiros said...

The same treatment might work on Grant Patel, but I fear it would only encourage his depravity. As has been noted in several quarters, Grant Patel is a very crude man.
By the way, that should have been "smacking", not "samcking"; smiting might also work.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT crude! I have such an excess of refeenment that it just SEEMS that way.

---Grant Predaved.

Anonymous said...

Where MY banana!

Oooh, banana, all msuhy and squishy and warm and wet.

---Grant Perfariousanannana

The back of the hill said...

I do NOT wish to know what mr. Patel thinks about bananas. Or what he does with them. This is going beyond salacious, and into degeneracy.
Mr. Patel, kinldy watch your tongue, and behave with at least a modicum of decency and maturity.

It's cold-shower time, bhai.