Sunday, February 15, 2009

Most delicate lace

Got something with lovely lace trim. Which I'm never going to wear on gym days. I don't think lace looks very good on me coz I'm my hips aren't big enough. But it feels VERY nice.
Thank you.
But I would've been very happy with chocolate. So there!


resignedly amphibious said...

If you must wave your frillies in Grant Patel's face...

The back of the hill said...

Yeah, girlie, you just KNOW that Grant Patel is going to go all ape over this.

I'd be almighty surprised if he didn't beg for particulars and a detailed description of the garment in question.

I can just HEAR him drooling.

The back of the hill said...

Initially I though, 'how irresponsible of you to post that', but then I realized that you might be doing so to deliberately get that old goat's goat.

Here, Pateliwelliwelly, heeeere Pateliwelliwelly......!

Anonymous said...

Bitch! You horrid horrid horrid girl, accepting frilly seductive lacey things from someone onknuwn! What do you mean by that?!??! Do you intead to wreck my fanciest plans!?? Are you tempting someone else, girl child? Are you waving your gaily pantied rumpus at some strange and degenerate teenager?

This is most unwell, most and utterly not cricket. I would advise you, strongestly advise you in utter terms, not to throw yourself at someone who is not a responsible and mature individual with a settled and may I say profitable job or sevure sinecure. It is NOT done!

I, as is well known, am more than exceptionally stable and balanced in my chosen carreer path, an utterly reponsible inidividual of well means and good family. The perfect candidate to be on the receiving end of giving young misses lacy whatevers and what not. You remembere that! I tell you.

Oh yes!

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

By which of course I maen to imply naught, naught that is illegal. Stricktly above board, above table, above the covers, are my utmostly honourable intentions. I am a gentleman.

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

You, young lady, are en avil minks!
Wombat, I say! Wom-batte!

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Can you post a picture? With or without yourself inside the garment?

I shall thank you.

---Grant Patel

people like me what cause unrest said...

Go Pantyrants!

Anonymous said...

Okay then, give us a clue - where does it fit tight?

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! Where does it fit tight, that is the exact and operative question of the day, the hour, the month.

Show us! We are concerned with your circulation, it is only medical curisosity here.

Remember, if it is too deliciously tight, circulations will be cut off. That would be most awfull. Now, set our hearts and minds at ease, comfort our concern, rest easy our curiosities, and let us know in all detail where and how it fits.

It is only because we are such warm people that I ask. And I speak for all of us here, as I am abundantly sure.

---Grant Sweatibrows

Anonymous said...

Mister people like me what cause unrest, it is people like you wot cause unrest.

This is obvious.

---Grant Cheese

Anonymous said...

Dead parrots are not live panties.

---Grant Boltonshoppingarcade

Anonymous said...

Mister Patel, you seem to be losing it. Are you okay?
Too much phantisising about the delicate garments? A fever? Constriction around the leg holes?

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, constriction!

I am farklempt!

---Grant Pincushion

Anonymous said...

The parrot pattern is most refreshinlgy appealing against the peachy-hued skin.

It is most delightful, and many Japanese experts on Moe agree: this is a must, you haven't lived until you have experienced it. Intensely experienced it. With the slipping of straps, and the pinch of folds in wrong places. It expands the mind, enlightens the senses, and pleases the venturing fingertippppppssss!


I advocate for same. In all particulars.

---Grant Punt

Anonymous said...

Orange zest!

---Grant Fruit


Experts on Moe? You probably spend a lot of time on Japanese sex sites.

What, besides your collection of panties in all shapes and sizes, do you also collect?

Or should I hesitate to even ask?

Anonymous said...

I also collect stamps. And fine porcelain.

---Greekperv Praterbowls

stoogianly amphibious said...

Personally, I'd raher be an expert on Curly than an expert on Moe. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

The Amphibian made an inappropriate comment! We shall not speak of curlies! It is unsuitable. Even though many teenagers have them as the first of significant hormonal characteristics. Sometimes with no moe whatsoever entirely. Being not huggable but far too otherwise.

We like bare silken skin, with just the faintest whisp of delicate floss.

---Geraldo Pantihands