Friday, February 6, 2009

Warren, stop that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today near the rear stairs on the second floor Warren called me a 'puh teet gar-lettt!'
I had to look it up. It's French. Petite Gallette. A small freeform crusted pastry with a fruity filling, usually berries. Small is petite. And gallette means something like a tart (pastry, not Tenderloin!!!!!!).

Warren is a pervert, a degenerate, and a hahm-sap low. Either that, or he's a reincarnated pastry chef. Whatever.

At least I'm not a Gallette Lyonaise (spuds, bacon, and onion).
Which actually looks delicious.

Gallette Lyonaise (gah-lett Lee-onn-ays)

Two or three coarsely mashed potatoes, two rashers bacon chopped and crisped, two chopped onions browned in butter or the bacon grease, big pinches nutmeg, mace, salt, pepper. Mix and put in a baking dish, smooth the top but leave ridges and peaks. Brush with butter or more bacon grease and set it under the broiler till crisp and golden on top. Serve with roast pork and gravy, or juicy chops. Even lamb chops.

Warren must satisfy this burning hunger for baked products. Somebody feed him, before he starts nibbling! Or hit him severely with a baguette!! Which he would probably enjoy.

At least nobody heard him. Cause that would've been embarressing, and I would've had to kick him hard in the shins.


Charlie said...

Great recipe idea, Gallette Lyonaise, it sounds dee-licious!

A savoury pan-juice gravy along with the chops and the spuds would make it all dee-vine!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, pastry!

--Grant Patelicious!

Anonymous said...

Halfway between a gorilla and a cake.

---Grant Pie

The back of the hill said...

Grant, as usual your comment obfuscates more than it clarifies.

How precisely lawyer-like.


He probably is halfway between a gorilla and a cake. Lets hope the gorilla gets him before he gets the cake.



Pan juice gravy roadhouse style? Meaning the grease deglazed and mixed with flour and milk?

Or pan juice gravy made by deglazing with a flaming splash of liquor, then herbs - garlic - pinches salt, pepper, nutmeg, whatever else added? Perhaps with a dribble of oyster sauce for that nice savory taste?

Also good with a little Thai curry paste added. Spicy lah!

Anonymous said...

Add cumin, and sheer heaven.

Have you bought the cumin yet? Why not? What's keeping you?

---Grant Patel

Anonymous said...

Any cumin yet?!?
Cumin, fercrepessakes!!!!!

---Grant Pancake.

The back of the hill said...

Summer is a cumin in, lewdly sing 'cook ew!'

The back of the hill said...

Sorry. Free association, that. Covered by the constitution, though frequently not appreciated.